Schalke 04: William collects the maximum penalty – S04 reason surprises everyone


Against Gladbach, FC Schalke 04 suffered the next defeat. One suffered from the disastrous appearance in particular: S04 defender William.

Gelsenkirchen / Mönchengladbach – When the maximum penalty is mentioned in football, one normally speaks of an actor who is first one – and then replaced. At FC Schalke 04, a player experienced a different type of maximum penalty. William (25) acted on the right Schalke side for a full 20 minutes.

player William
Born April 3, 1995 (age 25), Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
size 1,76 Meter
Weight 67 kilograms

Schalke 04: S04 defender William against Gladbach replaced after 20 minutes – curious reason

After he was significantly involved in the 0-1 lead of Gladbach – after all, he simply let the strong Marcus Thuram (23) do it – he was hit with the maximum penalty. Schalke coach Dimitrios Grammozis (42) took the Brazilian off the field after only 20 minutes in the 3-0 defeat of S04 against Borussia Mönchengladbach. Bastian Oczipka (32), who recently even had to worry about S04, moved into defense for him.

Avid duels, listless demeanor and a refused handshake with his trainer after the substitution: The change was understandable. For the poor performance that the Wolfsburg loan retrieved in the short time, William even received a 6 in the Schalke individual review. Many viewers of the S04 thought that the early change was the logical consequence of the 25-year-old’s defensive behavior.

Schalke coach Dimitrios Grammozis on William substitution: “Tactical change” at S04

However, the reason given by the Schalke coach caused astonishment: It was not “a reaction to frustration”, but he took William down for tactical reasons, according to Dimitrios Grammozis.

“We realized that Thuram made a few runs over the side. We then wanted to bring more physicality to the position with Timo. Basti then took over from Malick and he pushed one over next to Musti. We wanted to react against it physically. It was a tactical change, ”explained the S04 trainer.

Schalke defender William even refused to handshake S04 coach Dimitrios Grammozis after being substituted.

© Photo: Jürgen Fromme / firosportphoto / poolfoto / via Kirchner-Media

Schalke 04: William against Gladbach attacker Marcus Thuram without a chance – early change at S04

And that in turn doesn’t sound very logical. It wasn’t as if Borussia Mönchengladbach had surprised with the starting line-up. On the contrary: The foal trainer Marco Rose (44), who was also recently counted, had not come up with a strategic surprise coup. It just so happened that Marcus Thuram had a very strong day and did what he wanted with William.

The substitution took place, at least that is what every Schalke fan must have felt in front of the television, for reasons of performance. And that in turn seemed logical. The postponed tactic justification appears questionable in view of the disastrous performance of the Schalke man in the right midfield.

William (Schalke 04): S04 coach Dimitrios Grammozis with a curious reason for the change

The appearance against Borussia Mönchengladbach and the early change of William, whose loan transfer the S04 announced in January, were further evidence that everything is haywire at FC Schalke 04 – not only athletically, but also off the pitch.

It was not until the weekend (March 21/22) that Ralf Rangnick finally canceled the S04 and supervisory board member Prof. Dr. Stefan Gesenhues (66) resigned with immediate effect. In view of the drama about Ralf Rangnick, the XXL bang is likely to follow, presumably RUHR24 editor Marcel Witte. Maximum substitution penalties and dubious reasons are likely to add some explosive factors.

List of rubric lists: © Photo: Jürgen Fromme / firosportphoto / poolfoto / via Kirchner-Media

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Schalke William collects maximum penalty S04 reason surprises


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