Schalke apparently want to get Haraguchi – Hannover 96 expects to leave


Can’t understand why some think that Genki isn’t a mentality player. Especially when he played as an eight or partially defensive, you could see that he is not too good for anything and defensively hits every duel and unpacks one or the other tackle and tears himself apart for the team.With the Japanese in particular, I find that mentality is one of their great strengths, and that is also the case with Genki.

He shows again and again that he’s our only player offensively who can create a goal hazard in any situation. Hits from a distance or even with his head, because he has this will / mentality to force the booths.

In an almost consistently disappointing team of 96, alongside Hübers and Hult, he is clearly one of those who stand out with their performance.

You have to admit that in a season that is not going well for the club there are also games in which he goes underground. After all, he doesn’t attract any additional negative attention like many of his colleagues, but simply remains pale.

In summary, one can say that Genki is clearly our difference player and would probably also help some Bundesliga clubs, but he is now priceless for us at over 1 million / year.

However, his clear goal should be League 1, regardless of the country. Why should he cut back on his salary after one of his best seasons and keep playing in the House of Commons? Do not think that Schalke will / can pay him the million.

That’s why I bet more on England or an alleged lower Bundesliga third. He would help Schalke, but the framework conditions should not be right if he wants a last good contract including handgeld.

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Schalke apparently Haraguchi Hannover expects leave


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