Schieder: EU vaccination pass only if there are enough vaccinations


SPÖ-EU head of delegation criticizes Kurz and Anschober’s domestic vaccination chaos

Vienna (OTS / SK) The EU Commission today presented its proposal for a digital EU vaccination certificate. For SPÖ-EU delegation leader Andreas Schieder, the evidence is “a good sign, but Commission President von der Leyen still leaves important questions unanswered”. Since the outbreak of the Corona crisis, better coordination between the EU countries is needed. It would be a good thing if that could now succeed with the issue of freedom of travel. However, Schieder expects difficult negotiations, especially when it comes to protecting sensitive health data. “There can be no compromises when it comes to data protection. In the EU Parliament, we will insist that a vaccination certificate always complies with our strict privacy protection standards.” ****

“Before all people have the opportunity to be vaccinated, there must be no advantages for those who have been vaccinated. Given the delivery delays by vaccine manufacturers and uncertainties with AstraZeneca, the schedule for the vaccination certificate seems almost absurd. What the EU Commission promises today, it must.” comply tomorrow. The EU vaccination pass only has a chance if there are enough vaccinations and the highest data protection standards are adhered to, “says Schieder and adds:” In Austria we know how little is often behind big announcements. An efficient vaccination program and Travel certificates are essential for our way back to normal. But that requires more effort. Chancellor Kurz and Health Minister Anschober are responsible for the local vaccination chaos and the lack of vaccination doses. ” (Conclusion) ls

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