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Status: 27.03.2021 5:23 p.m.

Corona: State government specifies the emergency brake

The Ministry of Health in Kiel has the so-called Corona emergency brake specified. Now it is regulated what happens when districts and urban districts exceed the 100 incidence limit for three days in a row. Then the following applies: People from one household are only allowed to meet one other person – this applies in private and public spaces. Children under the age of 14 are excluded. Daycare centers go to emergency care, schools to distance learning, and emergency care is to be organized for grades 1 to 6. Face-to-face classes can be offered for the graduating classes. The retail trade has to close, click and collect remains allowed. | Date of broadcast NDR Schleswig-Holstein 27.03.2021 16:00

North Greens go into the federal election campaign with Amtsberg and Habeck

The Schleswig-Holstein Greens have on Saturday on their State party congress the candidates for the state list for the federal election are elected. In first place is the member of the Bundestag, Luise Amtsberg. 90 percent of the delegates voted for them. Second place on the list goes to Green Party leader Robert Habeck with just under 88 percent of the vote. Both of them sharply attacked the policies of the grand coalition on Saturday and announced that they would stand up against climate change and for social justice. Well-known names can be found with Ingrid Nestle and Konstantin von Notz on the list positions three and four. | Transmission date NDR Schleswig-Holstein 27.03.2021 13:00

Corona: Vaccination appointments for 16,800 people fully booked after 30 minutes

16,800 people were able to book free vaccination appointments again on Saturday. After only about 30 minutes, all appointments were already taken. Because, according to the Federal Ministry of Health, less vaccine has to be withheld for the corona second vaccination, vaccination appointments in Schleswig-Holstein could be booked again on Saturday from 11 a.m. The Ministry of Health announced this on Friday. The approved dates only applied to the vaccination centers in Bad Schwartau, Bad Oldesloe, Gettorf, Norderbrarup, Prisdorf and Elmshorn. | Transmission date NDR Schleswig-Holstein 27.03.2021 12:00

Corona in SH: Incidence continues to rise to 65.5

In Schleswig-Holstein, the health authorities reported 378 new corona infections to the state on Friday (March 26th). The independent city of Flensburg is again above an incidence of more than 100 at 106.5, and the Segeberg district is also higher at 102.1. Nationwide, the seven-day incidence is 65.5. The day before it was a little lower, at 62.4. The number of people in Schleswig-Holstein who have demonstrably been infected with the virus since the beginning of the pandemic increased to 48,553. | Transmission date NDR Schleswig-Holstein 27.03.2021 10:00

Serious accident with two minivans on the B205: two people die

On Saturday night it is on the federal highway 205 near Neumünster to one serious traffic accident occurred. A minivan (Ford Galaxy) collided with a fully occupied minibus (Ford Transit) on the section between Altonaer and Boostedter Straße. According to the police, there were six people in the minivan. The 40-year-old driver and the passenger in the van did not survive the accident, they died at the scene of the accident. Nine other people were taken to hospital, some seriously injured. | Transmission date NDR Schleswig-Holstein 27.03.2021 10:00

New Corona regulation: More visitors in homes possible again

The state government has one New version of the so-called Corona Control Ordinance adopted. The previous measures will largely be continued. However, among other things, easing in nursing homes is planned. From Monday (March 29th) the limitation to two fixed visitors in homes no longer applies. Common rooms can be used again. For relatives who have already been vaccinated, there is no obligation to test before visiting the home. | Transmission date NDR Schleswig-Holstein 26.03.2021 20:00

Northern SPD goes into federal election campaign with Stegner

SPD parliamentary group leader Ralf Stegner pulls it away from the Schleswig-Holstein state parliament. His party colleagues voted him third on the state list for the federal election on Friday. Sönke Rix, a member of the Bundestag, was elected to number one on the list. In second place: Nina Scheer. The Northern SPD is currently represented in the Bundestag with six MPs, after it won 23.3 percent in the state in 2017. | Date of broadcast NDR Schleswig-Holstein 26.03.2021 7:30 p.m.

Wolf killed in car accident in Stormarn district

In Großhansdorf in the Stormarn district, a wolf was hit by a car and killed in the process. According to the police, the district’s wolf officer was then informed. He was able to confirm that the animal that was killed was actually a wolf. The driver was not injured in the accident. | Transmission date NDR Schleswig-Holstein 26.03.2021 6:00 p.m.


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