Schrems tests the informative value of spit tests



A pilot project for spitting tests has started in Schrems (Gmünd district). In parallel to the antigen test using a nasal swab, a spit test should be used on the same people. If this is equally effective, this could make the test roads easier.

One of the greatest challenges for the public test roads is the application of the nasal swabs by medically trained personnel, who ultimately have only limited availability. In order to be able to carry out such a smear, secretion must be obtained from the throat area. For this purpose, a swab is pushed over the nose into the throat in order to obtain material from the mucous membranes.

A spit test, on the other hand, would be less demanding in this regard and could also be carried out by less trained personnel. For spit tests, the test subjects only have to spit into a test container. Instead of examining throat particles for the coronavirus, only the saliva is checked for virus load. A pilot project is now running in Schrems to investigate the reliability of such spit tests, said the office of State Health Councilor Ulrike Königsberger-Ludwig (SPÖ).

Anton Heinzl

Schrems’ mayor Karl Harrer (SPÖ, center) delivering spit with health councilor Ulrike Königsberger-Ludwig (r.)

If the results are good, it can be rolled out further

In addition to the two existing test lanes, a third one was built in which two different methods are tested in parallel. If spit tests and nasal swabs bring the same results, then the spit test could be rolled out wider, which would also be more pleasant for those to be tested.

The willingness to test is high, so that tests that can be carried out easily are important. “A high test rate not only helps to identify and stop chains of infection, but would also be a prerequisite for further easing steps,” explained Königsberger-Ludwig.

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Schrems tests informative spit tests


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