Sebastian Stan: Under these conditions he plays the young Luke Skywalker


Will the fan dream come true after all and will Sebastian Stan become the young Luke Skywalker? The “Winter Soldier” has only one – more than feasible – condition.

The Mark Hamill (69) of yore like cut out of the face and via the Marvel Universe even already employed at Disney. Actually, one might think, it can only be a matter of time before it is announced that Sebastian Stan (38) will slip into the role of the young Luke Skywalker in one of the various “Star Wars” films and series projects planned for Disney + . In an interview on the US show “Good Morning America” ​​Stan was recently asked about it again – and it was a more than feasible condition for this dream of many fans.

Sebastian Stan wants to be called by Mark Hamill

“When Mark Hamill calls me in person and tells me he’s inclined to share this role with me, I believe it. Not sooner.” The chances for this call should actually be more than good. Hamill himself has already pointed out the uncanny resemblance of his young self to the current appearance of Sebastian Stan by comparing photos and jokingly told the “Winter Soldier” actor: “I am your father!” The veto of the “Star Wars” primeval rock should not fail that Stan may soon be able to swing a lightsaber.

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Sebastian Stan conditions plays young Luke Skywalker


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