Second Extinction: Dino-Shooter via Game Preview soon for Xbox


The dinosaur shooter has been available for the PC via Steam Early Access for a long time, now it is also being implemented for the Xbox consoles – and it won’t be long in coming.

Systemic Reaction has officially confirmed that the cooperative first-person shooter Second Extinction will no longer only make the PC unsafe in the future, but also Microsoft’s Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One consoles. In addition, the PC version should also be available from the Microsoft Store.

April 28, 2021 was given as the start date for the three new platforms mentioned above. Via Game Preview – similar to Early Access on Steam – an early game version will initially be available, which will be improved and supplemented in the further course until the stage of the full version is reached.

Xbox Game Pass subscribers have reason to be happy because they benefit from the new release through their subscription and receive the game preview version at no additional cost. On the Xbox Series X, the title shines in 4K resolution at 60 fps; this benchmark also applies to mobile devices via xCloud.

In Second Extinction, up to three players compete together and take on giant dinosaurs in droves. In this context, the title relies on a post-apocalyptic setting on earth. A variety of weapons are available to you to defend yourself.

With “The War Effort” there is also a community-influenced metagame that encourages you to complete missions and activities around the globe in order to directly influence the influence of the threat to other players from the dinosaurs.

Second Extinction – Game Pass Release Date Trailer
At the end of April, the dinosaur shooter Second Extinction will also come to Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S as part of Game Pass.

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Extinction DinoShooter Game Preview Xbox


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