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Nobody expected this last challenge. The semi-finalists of “The Biggest Loser” had to show their heads again. Much to the displeasure of drama candidate Gianluca (22, starting weight 136.5 kilos)! He has a math problem.

Camp manager Christine Theiss (41) welcomed the semi-finalists in the Tyrolean Wetterstein Mountains for the last challenge of the season. She happily announced: “The math run is waiting for you. So it is not a matter of fitness, but also of brains. ”

Five computing stations were set up on a mountain slope, the solution of which had to be entered at the end of the path. And the arithmetic problem was tough: 3x (386-287) + 164 – 72. With freezing temperatures and sprints through the snow, this challenge made heads smoke.

Tough challenge supervision: Ramin Abtin, Christine Theiss and Petra Arvela (from left)Photo: SAT.1

Especially with Gianluca, who freaked out even before the challenge: “Are you kidding me, are you serious?” The man from Cologne continued to get upset: “We’re in the final challenge and then they want it to be serious arrives? Last year they went up and down one ski jump five times … What is that supposed to mean here, please? ”Gianluca’s long speech had a short meaning:“ In summary: I will not run up this mountain. ”

The audience found out a short time later why Gianluca was freaking out!

Gianluca asked his trainer Ramin Abtin (48) for a one-on-one interview, confiding: “I have a medical certificate that I have a strong math weakness. I can’t do anything with math! I can’t even do the multiplication tables until 30. And I’m not going to embarrass myself on TV. I do not give myself the nakedness! “

„The Biggest Loser“: Gianluca scheitert an Mathe-Challenge

As usual, Ramin tried to appease his protégé in a pedagogical way: “To be honest: I wrote zero points in my maths high school diploma. I just didn’t understand anything. You just have to admit this weakness. ”

In private Gianluca told his trainer about the math weakness

In private Gianluca told his trainer about the math weaknessPhoto: SAT.1

Gianluca got up and took part in the challenge, but it took a lot longer than everyone else and relied on tried and tested methods: “I write the numbers in my hand with my finger so that my head can memorize them.” But the challenge resolved the otherwise so self-confident young man again strong self-deprecation processes. He explained: “It took a while because I’m stupid.”

After a while and many unsuccessful attempts, Gianluca gave up and sat down in the snow, resigned: “I am a free person and I can decide for myself when to do math and when not.” There was calm.

Coach Ramin Abtin tried to mentally support Gianluca during the difficult challenge

Coach Ramin Abtin tried to mentally support Gianluca during the difficult challengePhoto: SAT.1

Until camp boss Christine Theiss discovered Gianluca and confronted him. She harshly commented on his refusing behavior: “You kick your coaches in the face with such a running start. Gianluca tried again listlessly, but had no chance. Despite the assistance of his trainer.

What was not yet clear at this point: Gianluca’s attitude to the challenge had a sad background!

On the scales, Gianluca made it into the final - even without winning the math challenge

On the scales, Gianluca made it into the final – even without winning the math challengePhoto: SAT.1

The evening after the challenge, the nanny opened up to his team mates: “I switched 18 schools from third to sixth grade, and I was never fully involved in one school year. I have always lived in different places with different foster families or homes and have a math weakness that has been medically certified. “

Gianluca still moves to the TBL final

Gianluca continues: “It was just extremely uncomfortable for me if you couldn’t do a job. In the home, if you got your homework and sat on a math problem, you had to go nine to ten hours without eating or drinking. (…) This subject of math triggers so much anger and frustration in me because when you just sit on this one math problem all the time as a child and the other children are all playing: It was always a humiliating feeling for me.

On the scales, Gianluca delivered properly, so that the humiliating challenge defeat had no consequences for him and he made it to the final without any problems.

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SEMIFINAL BIGGEST LOSER Candidate Throws Challenge


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