Senna Gammour annoyed after Diss von Llambi


The singer is known for not mincing words. However, this also applies to Joachim Llambi, whom Senna Gammour is now joining “Let’s Dance” smust provide. And she doesn’t like his sayings at all.

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The celebrities have been dancing across the RTL floor again for a week. In the 14th season of “Let’s Dance”, ex-Monrose member Senna Gammour also faces the jury’s verdict. But Joachim Llambi’s sharp sayings are already giving her a hard time.

The two have a TV history, because they were together some time ago on the show “Grill den Henssler”. In relation to this, the juror teased in the opening sequence: “We cooked together recently. You danced a little with Steffen Henssler. When I saw your name on the list, I was worried.”

“It hurt me”

Senna reacted relatively calmly at the moment, but how much she actually made the statement, was now shown in the second episode on Friday evening. In the single player, the 41-year-old vented her anger. “Mr Llambi’s saying was too much,” Senna clarified. “My mom even called me and asked, why did he say that? The rating is one thing, but it’s mean,” she explained, admitting, “It hurt me. It’s like you’re not welcome. ”

Joachim Llambi: The “Let’s Dance” jury was not enthusiastic about Senna’s performance. (Source: Andreas Rentz / Getty Images)

Moderator Daniel Hartwich tried to defuse the tension and announced after Senna’s performance: “It’s really great that you’re with us!” Victoria Swarovski also emphasized once again: “You are more than welcome here!”

Joachim Llambi, on the other hand, no longer took a position, examined Senna’s tango for the song “Shut Up” very objectively and made suggestions for improvement. However, the rating was then weak. The performance with professional Robert Baitsch was only worth three out of ten points. Senna got a total of 14 points and made it to the next round through calls from the audience.

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Senna Gammour annoyed Diss von Llambi


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