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Senna Gammour breaks down in tears in an interview


Taffe Senna Gammour is very emotional

Wow – Senna Gammour is seldom seen speechless and overwhelmed. The interview was supposed to be about how the “Let’s Dance” training is going and how Senna Gammour and professional dancer Robert Beitsch got together as a team – but it ended in tears. The singer could not contain herself and she could do so with emotion. Robert’s words completely overwhelmed her. What upset the 41-year-old? The whole scene is in the video!

“I’m so happy that I can dance with her”

Senna Gammour is deeply touched. She has only been training with her dance partner Robert Beitsch for a week – but the relationship between the two is already strong. That becomes more than clear when RTL meets the two for an interview. Robert goes into raptures. “I’m so happy that I can dance with her,” he explains.

In the introductory show, Senna could only bag 11 points. Will she top that in Show 1? You can see that on “Let’s Dance” – on Friday at 8:15 pm on RTL or in parallel in the live stream on TVNOW.

Video highlights from Senna Gammour

“Let’s Dance” on TVNOW

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Senna Gammour breaks tears interview


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