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Sherlock Holmes always pulls, you know that at Netflix. With “Enola Holmes” the streaming service sent us on a Sherlock-affine journey. But if you enrich the detective game with mystery, nothing can actually go wrong. The series “The Gang from Baker Street” (in the original much more appropriate: “The Irregulars”) takes place in Victorian London, where the sinister Dr. Watson and his mysterious business partner Sherlock Holmes use a group of street children to solve crimes. They use their apartment on Baker Street as their base.

When some of the crimes suddenly take on horrific supernatural dimensions and a dark force emerges, the gang from Baker Street must unite to save not only London but the world as well. As with “Enola Holmes”, Sherlock (Henry Lloyd-Hughes) is only a marginal figure in “The Gang from Baker Street”. Because the gang is the orphan Bea (Thaddea Graham) who grew up on the streets of London, her sister Jessie (Darci Shaw) and their friends Billy (Jojo Macari), Spike (McKell David) and Leo (Harrison Osterfield). When strange incidents pile up in London, the troop is led by the mysterious Dr. Watson (Royce Pierreson) incited to investigate. The young people come into contact with dark forces that could plunge the whole world into the abyss. Because a threatening rift between the worlds (“Stranger Things”!) Ensures that the supernatural gifts pile up. But Watson seems to be keeping some dark secrets. Why did he choose Bea and her friends as supporters? For the time being, the first season has eight episodes, which can be seen on Netflix.

Since Wednesday you can take part in a very special Mexican crime thriller on Netflix. The series with the rather simple title “Who Murdered Sara?” is a crime drama. In search of the truth about the death of his sister Sara, Álex Guzmán comes across the darkest secrets of the Lazcano family.

So who was it?

Because Álex, who was innocently behind bars, is finally released from prison after 18 years. His sole aim is to get revenge on Rodolfo Lazcano, who is responsible for the murder that was blamed on him. But when he starts a relationship with Elisa, the youngest daughter of the Lazcanos, and finds out that Rodolfo is innocent, things get complicated. Because in reality another person, who has cleverly kept himself in secret, was responsible for the crime and his arrest.

With so much drama, you deserve a little fantasy relaxation, and you also have to draw. “DOTA: Dragon’s Blood” takes us into the world of the dragon knights. After encounters with a dragon and a princess who is on her own secret mission, a dragon knight becomes involved in unimaginable events. This fantasy series tells the story of the famous dragon knight Davion, who vowed to stamp out terrible evil around the world. After encounters with a powerful, ancient Eldwurm (whatever that is) and the noble Princess Mirana, who is herself on her own secret mission, Davion is embroiled in events that exceed everything he could have imagined.

A real hero?

At Amazon Prime, too, the cart of cartoons is reached at the end of March. “Invincible” is an animated superhero series for adults that revolves around 17-year-old Mark Grayson, just like any other teenager his age – only his father is the most powerful superhero in the world, Omni-Man. But as Mark develops his own powers, he discovers that his father’s legacy may not be as heroic as it seems. And a costume doesn’t make you a superhero.

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Serie FantasyAlarm der Baker Street


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