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Luca Wörnle feels comfortable in his truck – and in his job. Photo: Horst Rudel Photo:

He completed his training as a professional driver at the Wernauer Spedition Diem. Luca Wörnle is now working at the same company.

Wernau – When he turns into the yard of the Wernauer Spedition Diem on Friday evening, then the end of the day is close enough to touch. Luca Wörnle was on the move – in the truest sense of the word – throughout the week. With his semitrailer, a Scania S 500, he mainly transports industrial goods all over Germany. He usually starts on Sunday night or Monday morning. One tour follows the next. “Everything that fits in is taken with you,” flatters the 21-year-old, who is at home in the Schlierbach district of Göppingen – and who clearly feels at home in his profession.

His fascination “for everything that drives” has been from childhood. Now he is moving a 40 ton truck that has 500 hp under the hood and is equipped with all the chicanes. “Actually, I wanted to do an apprenticeship as a professional driver right after graduating from secondary school in Ebersbach, but that wasn’t possible because I was still too young,” explains Wörnle. He then started something else, which was not his case and ended quickly. “Then the age was right and I started here,” he says happily.

CE driver’s license three years earlier than others

His boss is also satisfied. “Luca lives this job and you can tell,” praised Thorsten Diem, who runs the company’s business. This has around 60 tractor units, around 100 trailers and 90 employees at several locations in Germany. However, the headquarters are in Wernau. “This job, there is no question about it, demands privations in both private and leisure areas, but if you really enjoy it, you accept it.” Vincent Röhrich, Head of Human Resources and Training, makes this renunciation not for everyone the Diem shipping company, no secret. “We train professional drivers and freight forwarding clerks, although it is surprisingly difficult here and there to find good people.” With professional drivers in particular, everyone is happy for everyone who pulls through, adds Thorsten Diem.

The problem is often, as with Luca Wörnle, that the apprenticeship comes too early for normal school leavers. “It is true that prospective professional drivers can get the necessary CE driver’s license at the age of 18 and not at 21,” he emphasizes. But many are even younger when they graduate, adds Diem. Vincent Röhrich emphasizes that it is all the more important to attract the next generation as a forwarding company. “We do this through the employment agency, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, via training exchanges, on social media or by offering internships,” he continues.

Luca Wörnle: I would do it again anytime

It worked that way with Luca Wörnle. Because, as his boss says, he delivered a “top performance”, he received a six-month shortening of what was actually a three-year apprenticeship period. “And because he can do it easily, as the current, for him first real winter, has shown, there was also a top car as a reward,” says Diem. The 21-year-old clearly enjoys the compliment – and gives it back. “I don’t miss anything. I have all the options here. ”And all the hardships? – “During the week I keep in touch with my friends in the evenings by phone or video and on the weekend I have free time.” That fits perfectly. “In any case, I would do it again at any time,” explains Luca Wörnle after a moment’s thought.

The training fair “Karriere 2021” runs from 11th to 14th March. It is the first purely virtual training fair, which is aimed primarily at pupils from secondary schools, secondary schools, grammar schools and vocational schools as well as parents and teachers. There is also a live chat to be able to contact HR managers and trainees directly. Pre-registration is still possible. Further information on registration at

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Series training fair Professional drivers semitrailer crisscrossing Germany Wernau


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