Serious accident on the B148 – police ask for information


A 20-year-old German citizen was driving her car on Saturday at around 6:40 p.m. in Braunau on the B148 towards Altheim. She wanted to overtake a tractor driving in front of her. She may have overlooked an oncoming car.

There was a head-on collision with the car of a 29-year-old Romanian citizen. The 20-year-old was trapped in her vehicle and had to be rescued by the fire brigade, the police reported on Sunday. She had to be reanimated by the rescue and was taken to a Salzburg hospital. The 29-year-old was injured to an indefinite degree and was admitted to the Braunau hospital after initial treatment.

The tractor driver left without giving first aid. “Therefore, other accident witnesses and the tractor driver are urgently asked to report to the Braunau police station,” said a police broadcast. Telephone number for the Braunau police station: 059133/4200


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accident B148 police information


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