“Sesame Street” against racism: Black dolls explain the difference in skin color


In the US edition of the children’s program “Sesame Street” (“Sesame Street”) two new black dolls are now taking a stand against racism. The “Sesame Street” resident Elmo, a little red fur monster, meets little Wes and his father Elijah in a new spot. “Why is Wes’s skin dark?” Elmo straightforwardly asks father and son in a park full of brightly colored leaves. “I know, Elmo,” Wes replies. “My mommy and my papi told me it had to do with melanin, didn’t they, papi?” The father: “That is correct. (…) We all have melanin in our bodies. It gives our body its color on the outside. It also gives color to our eyes and hair. ”
Elmo is fascinated and wants to know more about differences. Elijah explains: “The more melanin you have in your body, the darker your skin is. Our skin color makes up a lot of who we are. But we should all always be clear about one thing: that it’s okay that we all look different in so many ways. ”
Elmo sees it the same way: »My fur is red and soft.« And Wes says: »My hair is black and curly.« Elijah closes the arc: »Many people call this race (in the English original:» Many people call this race «) ). But even though we look different, we’re all human. ”In the end, Wes and Elmo are happy about the many bright colors in the park, which look great together.

Jeanette Betancourt sits on the management floor of the Sesame Workshop in New York, which produces “Sesame Street”. She emphasizes that they want to look at every problem through the eyes of a child: “Children are not color-blind. Even as toddlers they notice differences in skin color and develop a sense of identity very early on. “This is exactly what the campaign aims at, explained Betancourt:” By encouraging the necessary conversations, we can help children develop a positive self-esteem Appreciate the identity of others. ”

After several incidents of police violence against Afro-Americans and the resulting “Black Lives Matter” movement, the issue of racism has taken on a major role in the public debate in the United States in recent months.

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Sesame Street racism Black dolls explain difference skin color


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