Seven-day incidence tipped: New corona rule standards expected – Bavaria is probably going to start


Full: The Isar beach in Munich in the Corona crisis.

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Coronavirus pandemic: The 7-day incidence will soon no longer be the sole corona standard for lockdown rules in Germany. According to a report, Bavaria is examining a different approach.

Munich / Berlin – How many people from how many households are allowed to meet? What must remain closed? Which industry may be allowed to open under which conditions?

Corona lockdown in Germany: The 7-day incidence has so far been the benchmark for all Covid-19 rules

In the coronavirus pandemic in Germany, the so-called 7-day incidence * has so far been the benchmark of all things. And above all for the rules and contact restrictions in lockdown *. But that could change soon – at least reports that picture (behind a payment barrier). Accordingly, after the Bundestag, the Bundesrat also approved a corresponding change in the law.

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) * and the prime ministers of the 16 federal states, including Bavaria’s Markus Söder (CSU) *, must then also incorporate other criteria for the justification of lockdown rules. Underneath are loud picture:

Future criteria for lockdown rules in the coronavirus pandemic in Germany:

  • The reproduction number (R value) *: Like many other people, a person infected with the coronavirus * is infected.
  • The infection rate and Covid-19 diseases among the elderly and other risk groups.
  • Corona vaccinations*: How far has the vaccination campaign progressed in Germany?
  • The occupancy rate of the hospitals – not only with corona patients.
  • The load on the intensive care units – not only with Corona * patients.

According to the report, the Free State of Bavaria is already examining which mix will be used as the corona lockdown standard in the future. Because: According to the change in the law, the 7-day incidence may no longer be the sole guide value from April 1st.

Coronavirus pandemic in Germany: Corona emergency brake is being adjusted in some federal states

In this situation, the Corona emergency brake decided at the Prime Minister’s Conference wobbles a lot from an incidence of 100 in some federal states. At least in terms of design.

North Rhine-Westphalia wants to allow regional differentiations. With the addition of a test option, loosened opening regulations could be retained – but only for customers, visitors and users with a daily negative test result. So now it’s time for the 7-day incidence as well. (pm) * is part of the Germany-wide Ippen-Digital editors network

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Sevenday incidence tipped corona rule standards expected Bavaria start


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