Seven Deadly Sins and Seasons of Sin expansion packs announced


IO Interactive has the seven-part (paid) download expansion “Seven Deadly Sins” and the (free) “Seasons of Sin” for Hitman 3 (from 59,99€ at pre-order) announced.
The premium expansion “Seven Deadly Sins” includes seven content packs, each based on one of the seven deadly sins. Each content pack contains a new mission and unlockable items related to the corresponding sin. The missions take place in well-known locations, but should offer their own “game mechanics”. The first content pack will be available on March 30th and will take players back to Dubai. There are coins lying around everywhere and you should be confronted with “personal greed”. The other content packs will follow at regular intervals. Each individual content package will cost 4.99 euros. The expansion pass “Seven Deadly Sins” with all seven expansions costs 29.99 euros. The “Seven Deadly Sins” are not included in the Deluxe Pack.

Hitman 3’s (free) live content will also be released as part of the “Seasons of Sin”. A season can last between four and six weeks and is also thematically linked to a sin. Regular and free new content for all owners of the game is promised, e.g. escalations, special assignments, seasonal events like the Berlin egg hunt and (also new) elusive goals. The “Season of Greed” will begin on March 30, 2021.

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Deadly Sins Seasons Sin expansion packs announced


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