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“Sex and the City” employee unpacks about bad conditions on the set


To be around Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker, 56), Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall, 64) and Co. and get paid for it – that sounds like the ultimate dream for many fans of the cult series “Sex and City”. For Heather Kristin (47) it became a nightmare. The actress, who was engaged as a double for Kristin Davis (56) alias Charlotte York, said she was “molested and humiliated” on the set – and then gave up her Hollywood ambitions.

In a guest article in Glamor magazine, Kristin writes that she had heard from friends and strangers that she looked like series star Kristin Davis. Whereupon she ambushed the casting director of the show and “begged him to hire me as a Charlotte double” – with success. The then 25-year-old actually got her dream job, which quickly became traumatic: “There was a toxic atmosphere on the set.” Kristin was sexually harassed and bullied by crew members with disreputable sayings: “Some of them kept joking about my great breast implants, even though I didn’t have any. And then again and again it was suggested that I only got the job because I had blown the right people. Because I’m actually two centimeters too tall and should never have got the job. “

Heather Kristin hid in the cloakroom during lunch breaks

Published: 03/27/2021, 52 minutes ago

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Sex City employee unpacks bad conditions set


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