Sharon Stone’s breasts were enlarged, apparently without her knowledge


After weeks of little advertising stunts and big revelations, Sharon Stone’s memoirs will be released on Tuesday. In an interview on the book, the actress told how a surgeon once enlarged her breasts without her consent and what she learned through online dating during the corona pandemic.
Just a few weeks ago, Stone shocked with a revelation about the iconic scene in “Basic Instinct,” in which Stones’ vulva can be seen. During the shoot, director Paul Verhoeven assured her that nothing would be seen, that she should only take off her underpants for camera reasons. When Stone saw the finished film, she was shocked.
But this was apparently not the only encroaching experience in Stones’ life: In her book “The Beauty of Living Twice”, the 63-year-old tells, according to the “Times Magazine”, how she had a breast operation in 2001 to remove benign tumors breast implants had been used without being asked.

She woke up and was an extra cup size, Stone said. The surgeon in charge said that the new breasts “fit better with the width of the hips.” “He changed my body without my knowledge or consent.”

Near death experience and loss of son

That same year, Stone suffered a stroke that resulted in cerebral hemorrhage, from which she nearly died. The incident and the seven year long healing process tore the actress from life. In the book, she describes how she had to learn a lot, how Hollywood dropped her and what effects the disease had on the custody battle over adoptive son Roan. Your plans for the future and further wishes for children have burst.

Instead of the happy life she had planned at the time, she “almost died, got divorced and lost custody” of her son.

Stone, who is now reunited with her son Roan and lives with him and two other adopted children, has been single for years. A few years ago she was banned from the dating app “Bumble” because it was assumed that her profile was a fake.

Try again with love

During the Corona period, she tried online dating again, Stone told Times Magazine. “It was a cool learning experience during Covid. You can’t meet: it’s a kind of freedom, ”she said. She had many special conversations and learned a little more about “how men think and what they really are”.

However, this did not result in a relationship. “I don’t know if I’m a person who will have a relationship in their life,” said the actress. “But I hope so.”

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Sharon Stones breasts enlarged apparently knowledge


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