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Sharon Stone’s surgeon enlarged her breasts without consent


Sharon Stone (63) actually wanted to remove benign tumors from both breasts during an operation in 2001. But her surgeon had other plans for her. As the actress now reveals on the occasion of her new autobiography “The Beauty of Living Twice” (in English “The Beauty of Living Twice”) in an interview with “The Times”, her surgeon has enlarged her breasts without being asked.

“When the bandage was removed from me, I found that my breasts had grown a full cup size,” says Stone of her horror experience. “He changed my body without my knowledge or consent,” explains the Hollywood star. When Stone confronted the surgeon, he simply said that, in his opinion, a larger bust “would have fitted my hips better.” It is not known whether the unauthorized intervention had any consequences for the doctor.

Published: 03/30/2021, 5:02 p.m.

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Sharon Stones surgeon enlarged breasts consent


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