Shirt protest against Qatar World Cup: DFB video becomes marketing own goal


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Oh dear, DFB! Even on the day after the sovereign 3-0 win in the World Cup qualifiers, the “Human Rights” campaign by the German national team continued to cause heated discussions among football fans. After numerous supporters accused the team of national coach Joachim Löw (61) already during the game on Thursday, there was a new fuss about the supposed protest against the desert World Cup in Qatar in 2022. that the DFB published on Friday evening (March 26th) on its official Twitter account of the national team.

  • DFB team stands up for human rights with a t-shirt campaign
  • DFB kickers criticize violations in the World Cup host country Qatar
  • Video causes a stir in the network on Friday evening

The clip shows how Leon Goretzka (26), Leroy Sané (25) and colleagues paint the shirts in which they put the words “Human Rights” on the lawn of the Duisburg Arena on the Thursday before kick-off. Human rights ”). But many fans were of the opinion: The DFB really scored a marketing own goal.

The players of the German national team posed for human rights with this imprint on Thursday.


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Fans criticize DFB video on T-shirt action before Iceland game

The one-minute clip was published by the DFB under the title “Making of …” and shows the German national players who paint “their” letters on their black warm-up shirts with white paint. With the action, the German selection wanted to draw attention to the human rights violations in Qatar. In the desert emirate, more than 6,000 workers were reportedly killed in preparations for the 2022 tournament.

But what really upsets the fans: The little film is produced in a highly professional manner, the protagonists are shown in different camera settings, several supervisors help the DFB stars with the brushing, pseudo-dramatic, effects-seeking music is playing in the background. Many think that looks suspiciously like a PR campaign.

You can see the full video here:

Football fans criticize the DFB for “making of” video

A fan wrote on Twitter: “I think marketing videos like this take away the seriousness of the topic. Is a nice action and we all know the players painted it themselves. But slowly the DFB is becoming more and more of a brand and its message is hardly authentic. ”Another user becomes clearer:“ Can you actually manage to keep something, at least something, in plastic marketing? ”

And there are more critical comments. One fan said: “The DFB is losing the credibility of making a substantial contribution to changing the human rights situation in Qatar. Turning it into a marketing commercial is an indictment of the DFB. ”Another said, stunned:“ You can’t really help anymore. ”

Another follower writes: “What an unworthy attempt to polish up the battered image! How unscrupulous you have to be to abuse this topic for your own marketing. “Another says:” Wow, you really manage to destroy every spark of hope in the decency of your store with a PR campaign. “One writes:” I’ll get it. ” unbelievable the puke when I see that. ”

One fan wrote, completely bitter, “And everything was destroyed again. For a brief moment I really thought the team was doing something selfless. I don’t know why I didn’t immediately realize that this was being cannibalized. I guess I’m too naive. “Another just says:” Such a lying shit! “

Football fans are calling for the DFB team to boycott the World Cup

Many fans also urge the German team to take serious steps. A Twitter user says: “Just don’t go there. That would be a sign to be taken seriously, not this clumsy, implausible and non-binding marketing gibberish! ”Another says:“ Boycott the World Cup! That would only be logical. ”“ Everything else is hypocrisy and corruption swamp, ”adds a fan.

A few fans meanwhile express themselves more moderately. “My God, they just filmed it. Nowadays nobody makes a protest or any other action without integrating social media, ”writes one user. Another says: “I found the campaign good so far, the more people talk about it, the better. But this video is just stupid. ”

The basic tenor, however, is unanimous: With this clip, the DFB and national team director Oliver Bierhoff (52), who recently emphasized repeatedly to seek closeness to the fans, apparently scored a powerful own goal. (kos)

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Shirt protest Qatar World Cup DFB video marketing goal


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