Shirt should change the mind of the FCB boss: This is the message David Degen has for Bernhard Burgener



David Degen spoke on Instagram on Saturday evening. He appeals to Bernhard Burgener to accept his purchase offer.

David Degen presented this card to Bernhard Burgener with one of his jerseys.

Instagram / David Degen

  • On Saturday evening, David Degen speaks on Instagram.

  • He brought something to Bernhard Burgener.

  • On Monday, the board of directors will decide on Degen’s purchase offer.

The board of directors of FC Basel will probably decide on the future of the club on Monday. This week David Degen made an offer to buy his shares in FCB boss Bernhard Burgener. But not only that. On Instagram, the former FCB professional reveals what he has put on Burgener’s table.

«I was in Bernhard Burgener’s office this week. I brought him one of my FCB shirts and made it clear to him that it wasn’t about him or me, but about FC Basel, ”writes Degen on Instagram. «It takes a fresh start. And I expect the FCB board of directors to keep agreements. “

Next to it is a photo of a card. In it Degen writes: “Dear Bernhard, for me this is one of my most important shirts, which I am giving you here. I sweated blood and sweat for the club in this shirt and celebrated great success. FCB is an institution. It’s about the thing! Make the right decision! Also for you personally. It’s time. LG David. “

The message is to be interpreted as a declaration of war. Degen wants to convince Burgener to prefer his purchase offer to that of Basel Dream & Vision AG and the English investor Centricus. Whether or not he will succeed will be decided at the board meeting on Monday.


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