Shirt sponsor remains and pays a record sum in the event of relegation


The Gazprom logo has been featured on FC Schalke jerseys for many years. Apparently, that will remain the case in the 2nd Bundesliga, should the club be relegated. According to reports, there would even be a record amount for Royal Blue.

The last Bundesliga club, FC Schalke, which is badly damaged in terms of sport and finances, would also be supported by main sponsor Gazprom in the second division. The Russian energy company promised the likely relegated team its support for at least three more years, regardless of the league. The first division soccer club announced this on Tuesday.

“With this confirmation from our main sponsor, we feel the expectation and the incentive that Schalke 04 will find its way back on the road to success in terms of sport,” said Alexander Jobst, Director of Marketing, Sales and Organization at Schalke.

Higher income than HSV

The sponsorship by Gazprom brings Schalke less money than before, but ensures a new record. So far, the group is said to have paid the association around 20 million euros annually, according to “WAZ” it should now be 8 to 10 million euros. A value that is far above what other second division clubs receive. Sky also speaks of a record amount. For comparison: “Orthomol” pays Hamburger SV only two million euros a year.

Orthomol pays HSV far less than Gazprom pays FC Schalke 04. (Source: Claus Bergmann / imago images)

Originally, due to the miners’ failure to achieve their sporting goals and the associated probable relegation to the second division, Gazprom would have had the legally fixed option of terminating the contract. But the long-term partner wants to remain loyal to the squire – even in league two.

“With this league-independent extension, Gazprom is sending a strong signal of loyalty and solidarity in the current situation and thus contributing to the economic stability of the club,” said Matthias Warnig, CEO of Nord Stream 2 AG and member of the Royal Blues’ supervisory board.

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Shirt sponsor remains pays record sum event relegation


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