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Once a week, ex-rulers Eberhard Diepgen (CDU) and Walter Momper (SPD) discuss issues that move the city in Berlin’s BZ. Today it’s about the Berlin derby between Union and Hertha BSC.

Eberhard Diepgen: Yes, with the theater it also works with certain conditions

These days, one hardly dares to comment on topics related to the fight against pandemics.

Should there be a special standstill in social life over the Easter days? Even without the additional rest days initially planned on Maundy Thursday and Easter Sunday? When I write these lines, I am a bit perplexed at the political decisions of the past and, unfortunately, the coming days.

I will be no different from many of you. But, if there are essentially no additional restrictions and “only” the existing rules of lockdown should apply longer, then I ask: Why shouldn’t there be any spectators at the derby with a carefully thought-out and partially tested hygiene concept by Union take part?

Berlin’s Senator for Culture has already made this possible with pilot projects for theaters and concert halls. I don’t see a compelling and legally permissible difference between sporting and cultural events. So please either or. The number of fans who will be allowed into the stadium after careful examination can then still be decided.

In German football there were already “trial games” with a limited number of spectators outside of Berlin and the 1st Bundesliga. I want to encourage the Senator for Sports and Interior to emulate his colleague in the cultural department in terms of a cautious opening strategy. Immediately after the conference of the heads of government there was already the message that if the derby is not possible, the first game with spectators (not just journalists and team managers) should be that of Union against Stuttgart.

For me as a Berlin “fan”, the Berlin Derby is something completely different – with all due respect for Stuttgart. If the city doesn’t close everything on Easter, the derby should be able to take place with spectators.

Walter Momper: No, the risk on arrival and departure is too great

I have to say it in advance – it is enough if there is no audience.

As long as there is no valid conception for playing in front of an audience whose head count is below the full occupancy of the stadium, checked and approved by the health authorities, it will not work.

Such a test, as it has already run in other cities, would be good for the Berlin area. Then you would have a role model whose impact you can assess and which is compatible with the lockdown.

It would really be nice again if football could be played in front of a larger audience. That would be good for the Bundesliga, that would be good for the clubs, that would be good for the fans of the football game. But it should be safe. The distances between the seats must be checked, the wearing of the mask must be arranged and, above all, the arrival and departure of visitors must be regulated in such a way that there is a minimum of encounters.

The biggest problem with all mass events is not sitting at a distance in the stadium, but the encounter when arriving and departing from the stadium.

This would have to be solved in such a way that it does not lead to large-scale infections. It would also be important to test the visitors before the game. If all visitors have done a corona test and any carriers of the disease have been sorted out, the risk drops significantly. The question is whether this is feasible with these large crowds.

It would have to be checked in the proposed model project.

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