Ski jumping: Kramer ends the season with a perfect jump


Ski jumping

Marita Kramer won the last women’s World Cup competition, which was canceled after one round, with a perfect jump in Tchaikovsky in Russia on Sunday. The Austrian achieved a hill record with 146.5 meters and ended the season with her fourth win in a row. She only missed the overall World Cup triumph by a very thin margin.

Nika Kriznar achieved third place to win the large crystal ball for the first time, the Slovenian finally prevailed in a close three-way battle nine points ahead of the Japanese Sara Takanashi, who was only seventh on Sunday, and only eleven points ahead of Kramer.

The second round had to be canceled after waiting for a long time because the wind was too strong. The 19-year-old Kramer ended the season with seven wins in 13 individual competitions, but missed competitions due to a coronavirus infection cost her the overall victory.

Daniela Iraschko-Stolz and Chiara Hölzl finished fourth and fifth at the end of the season, so Austria also secured the Nations Cup. Sophie Sorschag finished eleventh.

ÖSV victory also in the team competition

The team competition held before the final singles also ended with an Austrian victory after one round. The world champions Iraschko-Stolz, Sorschag, Hölzl and Kramer prevailed 25.2 points ahead of Slovenia in the competition that was postponed from the previous day. Another twelve points behind, the German quartet came third.

It was the second women’s World Cup team competition this winter. The first on January 23rd in Ljubno in Slovenia was won by the hosts ahead of Norway and Austria. At the Nordic World Ski Championships in Oberstdorf, the Austrians prevailed over Slovenia and Norway.

Sunday jumping in Tchaikovsky

Large hill, final result after one round:
1. Marita Kramer OR 146,5* 136,1
2. Silje Opseth NOR 134,0 120,1
3. Nika Kriznar SLO 131,5 115,4
4. Daniela Iraschko-Stolz OR 131,5 115,2
5. Chiara Hölzl OR 128,0 133,3
6. Ema Klinec SLO 124,5 111,8
7. Sara Takanashi JPN 126,0 109,4
8. Irina Avvacumova RUS 122,0 106,5
9. Josephine pagnier FROM 127,0 103,9
10. Katharina Althaus GER 117,5 94,3
11. Sophie Sorschag OR 121,0 93,2
27. Lisa Eder OR 102,5 56,2

* Hill record

Team competition in Tchaikovsky

Normal hill, final result after one round:
1. Austria 373,7
Daniela Iraschko-Stolz 86,5
Sophie Sorschag 89,0
Chiara Hölzl 93,0
Marita Kramer 98,0
2. Slovenia 348,5
Play Rogelj 86,5
Katra Komar 85,5
Ursa Bogataj 86,0
Nika Kriznar 101,0
3. Germany 336,5
Katharina Althaus 86,5
Juliane Seyfarth 87,5
Luisa Görlich 88,5
Anna Ruprecht 87,5
4. Norway 324,5
5. Russia 293,9
6. Japan 292,6
7. Czech Republic 223,5
8. Canada 174,5
9. USA 128,1

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Ski jumping Kramer ends season perfect jump


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