Slogan “One More Thing” – Swatch wins dispute against Apple in British court


The Biel watch company may continue to use its advertising slogan. Also because he successfully appealed against a previous judgment.

Success in the legal arena: Swatch boss Nick Hayek in his company in Biel.

Foto: Anthony Anex (Keystone/Archiv)

This round in the slogan dispute goes to Swatch: A British court thwarted a lawsuit by the US company Apple against the Swiss watch group. Swatch can therefore continue to use the slogan “One More Thing”.

The colossus from Cupertino has been fighting since 2015 against the Biel watch manufacturer being allowed to use an emblematic phrase of its founder. Steve Jobs, who died in 2011, used the phrase “One More Thing” in his famous product presentations, and his successor Tim Cook continued this.

Swatch, on the other hand, takes the position that the expression has nothing to do with the Apple brand. Instead, it refers to a saying by the character of Lieutenant Columbo in the television series of the same name, which was broadcast in the 1970s and 1980s. This emerges from the judgment of the British “High Court”, which is available to the AWP news agency.

In its advertising slogan, Swatch refers to the legendary TV series “Columbo” with leading actor Peter Falk, who died in June 2011.
In its advertising slogan, Swatch refers to the legendary TV series “Columbo” with leading actor Peter Falk, who died in June 2011.

Foto: Ric Francis (AP/Keystone/Archiv)

No bad faith In the first instance, a British trademark court had ruled a lawsuit by Apple in October 2017. Swatch has now appealed – with success.

As can be seen from the recitals, the judge ruled that even if the watchmaker wanted to “annoy” Apple, this could not be viewed as bad faith, and that the use of “a mark that some consumers would convey in an amusing but harmless way to another Actor remember “, is not an improper business practice. Swatch did not want to comment on the decision on Tuesday at AWP’s request.

3-0 for Swatch

“One More Thing” is not the first slogan that Swatch and Apple argue about. In April 2019, Swatch had already won a corresponding legal dispute against Apple before the Federal Administrative Court. At the time, Apple complained that Swatch’s slogan “Tick Different” was being used against its own “Think Different” advertising campaign – but the court saw it differently.

Conversely, Swatch has successfully prevented Apple from registering the “iWatch” trademark for its smartwatch. It is too similar to the «iSwatch». That was ultimately the reason why the Apple watch is now called “Apple Watch”.

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Slogan Swatch wins dispute Apple British court


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