Small plane crashed on off-road vehicle in Florida: several fatalities


US-Rettungskräfte. (Symbolfoto)


Pembroke Pines – A single-engine small plane crashed into a moving off-road vehicle in the US state of Florida. In the incident on Monday afternoon (local time) in Pembroke Pines, the two aircraft occupants died, local media reported, citing the fire department. A woman and a child who were in the car at the time of the accident were first taken to a hospital. The child later succumbed to his injuries there.

📽 Video | Small aircraft captured off-road vehicle

The accident happened in the city about 25 kilometers northwest of Miami and was accidentally recorded by a surveillance camera. The video shows how the single-engine aircraft first hits the vehicle, then is thrown further and goes up in flames.

“It was like a bomb,” an eyewitness told the newspaper Miami Herald. “We went outside and saw the fire; everything was on fire. ”The crash occurred shortly after the aircraft took off at around 3 p.m. (local time) from North Perry Airport. There was initially no information on the cause of the accident. (dpa)

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Small plane crashed offroad vehicle Florida fatalities


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