Smart Face Mask: Razer actually wants to produce mask with RGB lighting


The manufacturer Razer, which is actually known for gaming hardware, presented “Project Hazel”, a product of a different kind at the CES at the beginning of this year, which, however, fits perfectly into the current zeitgeist. It was a smart face mask with a transparent design that made communication more personal again and with active fans that made breathing easier and at the same time offered better protection against viruses and bacteria than ordinary masks.

The most distinctive feature of the mask, however, is the extensive RGB lighting. As with many Razer products, this extends over the entire circumference of the mask and is freely configurable. In January, however, the manufacturer did not announce any efforts to mass-produce the futuristic and at the same time somewhat curious mask.

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Now, Min-Liang Tan, the CEO of Razer, commented on Project Hazel. In the interview with Yahoo Finance, the company boss officially confirmed a planned market launch of the smart face mask. It is still unclear when interested parties can expect a release and outsourcing of the somewhat different mask. Besides, Tan said nothing about Project Hazel’s price so far.

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