Smartphone SoCs: MediaTek in first place ahead of Qualcomm for the first time


MediaTek shipped over 351.8 million SoCs last year. This corresponds to an increase of 47.8% compared to the previous year with 238 million SoCs sold. As a result, the group was not only able to increase its market share from 17.2% in 2019 to 27.2% in 2020, but also pushed Qualcomm from first place in the smartphone SoC sector. This is proven by data from the analysis company Omida Research.

The reason for the success of MediaTek is the great demand from Asia. Above all, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi should be mentioned here, which increased the number of smartphones operated by MediaTek processors by a full 223.3% in the past year. The company thus produced a total of 63.7 million smartphones with MediaTek internals in 2020, compared with just 19.7 million devices in 2019.

But Samsung also drove MediaTek’s numbers up over the past year. In 2020, the South Korean group equipped around 43.3 million smartphones with a MediaTek processor. An increase of over 254.4% compared to the previous year. With 55.3 million smartphones with MediaTek processors in 2020, Oppo is also the second largest consumer of SoCs.

The US ban of the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei also contributed to the success of MediaTek after Omida. Recently, Huawei has increasingly been using MediaTek processors in its own devices. But other manufacturers also followed the trend and diversified their supply chains with MediaTek.

It can be assumed that MediaTek will continue to expand its leadership over the next few years.

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Smartphone SoCs MediaTek place ahead Qualcomm time


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