So now, the manufacturer is testing revolutionary design


The rather angular shape of the Apple Watch is considered immovable and has basically not changed since the first version. But it doesn’t have to stay that way, because Apple is demonstrably testing a new, revolutionary design. New documents now substantiate these efforts and reveal even more.

A round Apple Watch is still just a dream, and the current Apple Watch Series 6 basically still looks like the original Smartwatch that Apple presented to us in autumn 2014. The Apple Watch Series 7 expected this year will probably not change the basic concept yet.

Patent revealed: Apple Watch in a new form

But in the future we may have to contact one completely new shape get used to. Exactly such a thing appears in you now new document on. Such a smartwatch is described in a new Apple patent, as MacRumors reports. Put simply, we see one there Round Apple Watch with an extended display wrapped around the wrist. We already know something like this from the Nubia Alpha from 2019. The patent proves: Apple is also working or at least testing such flexible display solutions for the Apple Watch.

On the left you can see the drawing from Apple’s patent, on the right the concept of LuxVue (Images: Apple, Joseph Ullman)

On closer inspection, however, there is much more to this. Because the drawings in Apple’s patent correspond to an already existing smartwatch concept by industrial designer Joseph Ullman, for the latter Ullman himself holds a patent. The concept was made at the time on behalf of “LuxVue”. So Ullman says on the record:

“LuxVue developed a revolutionary display technology that enabled the company to“ print ”micro-LEDs onto flexible, complex surfaces with exceptionally low energy requirements. I was tasked with developing product concepts that introduced the technology. One of the concepts mentioned was an intelligent watch with a wrap-around display and a suitable user interface. “

Photo: Joseph Ullman

Apple bought technology 7 years ago

But what actually became of LuxVue? Well, in the last sentence the designer lets the “bomb explode” because that Company became bought by Apple in May 2014, GIGA also reported on it. This explains how this “new” design ultimately found its way into an Apple patent. By the way, this was submitted in November 2019 and was published in March 2021. But what does this mean for a new form of Apple Watch?

Something similar is already available to buy, as demonstrated in the GIGA video report:

One thing is certain Apple is experimenting and reviewing new designs, only the final appearance will not be anticipated. The concept in the current patent should rather be understood as a placeholder. But when does Apple bring something like this onto the market? There is no information about this. If the idea ultimately turns out to be unsuitable for practical use, then maybe it won’t work at all. Nevertheless: Nice to see that the supposedly unchanged Apple Watch shape is still being discussed by the iPhone manufacturer.

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manufacturer testing revolutionary design


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