So people live with a corona incidence of more than 1,000


Schrozberg in Baden-W├╝rttemberg is suddenly known throughout Germany. After the corona outbreak in a kindergarten, the community reported an incidence of over 1,000. The peak does not seem to have been reached yet.

Within just one week, the small community of Schrozberg in Baden-W├╝rttemberg has become one of the most heavily polluted corona hotspots in Germany. In one kindergarten, the British variant of the virus spread among children and staff. Pharmacist Birgit Kammleiter tests numerous concerned residents in the community for an infection even after work. “People want to visit grandma or have to look after her,” she describes her experience.

You can find out what life is like in a community with an incidence of over 1,000 and how the mayor is dealing with the situation in the video above. Here you can also view the article directly.

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people live corona incidence


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