So the network laughs at the blockage


A gigantic container ship has been blocking the Suez Canal for several days. The network community is pleased – and brings us a lot of funny pictures and sayings. A selection of the best.

The corona crisis in Germany is never ending, the vaccinations are only progressing slowly, the mood is in the basement. But at least the network has found something new to laugh about.

For a few days the gigantic container ship “Ever Given” of the Chinese shipping company “Evergreen” has been blocking the Suez Canal, an extremely important waterway in Egypt for world trade. In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, the 400-meter-long and 59-meter-wide cargo ship ran aground – and has since kept hundreds of other ships from passing through.

The local authorities are trying to free the ship with tugs and dredgers and enable passage. But so far without success.

The image of an excavator trying to shovel away the mud from the bank is particularly iconic. In addition to the gigantic container ship, of which you can only see a small section in the picture, the construction machine looks like an ant – a hit for the enthusiastic network community. This quickly turned into a meme that either describes the situation of nurses in the Corona crisis …

… the schools in the corona pandemic …

… the corona policy of the federal government …

… the mask affair in the Union faction …

… or take up your own to-do list, which just doesn’t get any smaller.

The stand-up comedian Ole Waschkau from L├╝beck can also imagine the excavator as an outside bet in a “Wetten, dass ..?” Broadcast.

And still others bring the blockade of the Suez Canal together with German Corona politicians who are calling for quick openings.

Another user connects the Suez blockade in a humorous way with the often criticized term for corona deaths – “died of or with Corona”.

How the blockade of the Suez Canal is to be solved, the network community also has numerous ideas. One can imagine that the ship could be transported away with thousands of balloons, as in the movie “Above”.

Another just uses an image editing program to turn the ship around …

And t-online editor Patrick Diekmann suggests using a stick to clear the Suez Canal.

In fact, the recovery work is progressing slowly. According to insiders, the operator of the Suez Canal is even preparing the shipping industry for an end to the blockade caused by the wrecked freighter. When that will be the case is still unclear.

A ship broker in the Egyptian city of Port Said at the north end of the canal said the Suez Canal Authority (SCA) had informed that they could prepare for the possible entry of more ships into the canal.

Another industry insider said the SCA had outlined a plan for how 133 ships could quickly pass the canal after the transverse freighter was salvaged.

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network laughs blockage


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