Software error: How to stop your Android apps from crashing



Countless users report that Android apps keep crashing. Now Google has published a solution to the problem.

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Several Android apps have been crashing for a few days.


Now Google has fixed the problem.

Now Google has fixed the problem.

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To this end, it has published a 4-point list that users can follow.

To this end, it has published a 4-point list that users can follow.


  • Various apps kept crashing on Android phones since the beginning of this week.

  • The reason for this was a bug in one version of System WebView.

  • The problem has now been resolved.

  • For people who are still struggling with crashing apps, Google has released a solution.

Since the beginning of the week, various apps on devices with the Google Android operating system keep crashing when you try to open them. According to, this is a problem with an earlier version of Android System WebView, software that makes it possible to display web content within Android apps.

In the meantime, Google has been able to solve the problem. However, so that smartphones do not continue to crash, some users have to update their apps independently, if this has not already happened automatically. For this, Google has published a series of steps that are necessary for the update.

  1. The Google Play Store has opened.

  2. There you search for “Android System WebView”.

  3. If the «Update» option is enabled there, click on it. Otherwise the app has probably already been updated automatically.

  4. The same steps are now carried out for the Google “Chrome” browser.

Countless messages

Users reported the problem for the first time on Monday afternoon. Within a few hours, countless people complained about Twitter and Reddit, complaining that the apps on their smartphone kept crashing. Owners of Samsung mobile phones appear to have been particularly affected, but users from other manufacturers also reported problems.

“We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for the patience and continued support,” Google finally commented publicly on the problem. You are always working to make all systems as reliable as possible and therefore you are always making improvements.

Some users completely uninstalled the problematic version of WebView at the beginning of the week. These people are advised to reinstall the system in order to ensure the full functionality of their smartphone. The problem should no longer occur by now.

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Software error stop Android apps crashing


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