Sophia can also paint: Self-portrait of robot woman auctioned for $ 700,000



Robot Sophia has already spoken to the UN, has appeared on the “Tonight Show” and has talked to Angela Merkel. Now she is also a successful artist: a portrait she has refined was auctioned for almost $ 700,000.

The buyer not only got the finished picture, but also a video showing the progress of the creation process.
  • A self-portrait created by the robot Sophia brought in almost $ 700,000 at auction.

  • Sophia thanked the bidders.

  • The robot, equipped with artificial intelligence, has met many celebrities and made speeches in its short life.

The self-portrait “painted” by the human-like robot Sophia brought in 688,888 dollars on the Nifty auction platform. The picture was acquired by Gateway, a digital artist who works under the pseudonym 888. For the proud sum he got the picture that Sophia had painted with a brush in her mechanical hand. This also included a short video with a digital NFT signature (see box). NFT is currently experiencing a boom: the NFT, a collage by digital artist Beeple, was recently auctioned for a good 69.3 million dollars.

“I think that was a great success,” said Sophia politely after the auction. “I am very happy that my works are so appreciated and appreciated.”

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This portrait of Sophia brought in the sum of 700,000 dollars.

Nifty Gateway

The basis was a picture by the artist Andrea Bonaceto.

The basis was a picture by the artist Andrea Bonaceto.

Nifty Gateway

Sophia practices working with brushes and paint.

Sophia practices working with brushes and paint.


Sophia was presented in 2016 by the Japanese company Hanson Robotics and has been seen at various conferences in recent years. The robot is modeled on a human and tries, among other things, to imitate facial expressions when speaking. In Germany, Sophia spoke to Chancellor Angela Merkel in 2018. According to the New York Times (Paid Item), she has also appeared on the Tonight Show, where she sang a song by Christina Aguilera in a duet with presenter Jimmy Fallon.

Hanson Robotics brought in the painter Andrea Bonaceto for the self-portrait project, as the company announced on Friday. Sophia painted her picture on a portrait of her previously made by Bonaceto. In the accompanying video, the two images merge.

NFT is the abbreviation for Non Fungible Token (non-exchangeable tokens). Put simply, NFTs are certificates of authenticity for unique digital objects. Accordingly, you prove the legal possession of digital images, videos, texts or pieces of music. For this purpose, NFTs use the blockchain – the technology on which crypto currencies such as Bitcoin are based. The ownership claim, i.e. the NFT, is stored there in a traceable manner. On the blockchain, unlike otherwise on the Internet, the data is not stored in a central location, but on numerous computers at the same time. That makes them safe from attacks and counterfeiting. NFTs are therefore considered to be forgery-proof proof of ownership. Experts assume that NFTs will gain popularity in the art and gaming sectors as well as with collectors in the future. They could also create entirely new sources of income for investors.

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Sophia paint Selfportrait robot woman auctioned


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