Sophia Thiel shows her new boyfriend for the first time after a break


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She’s finally back with a bigger, happier smile than ever before. It seems as if the social media break of the influencer Sophia Thiel (25) had done really well. But apparently not only that: A new man at her side seems to do the rest for her well-being. On Sunday (March 7th) Sophia Thiel revealed her big secret and presented her new love to the public (above in the video).

  • Sophia Thiel is now showing her boyfriend after her comeback
  • Fans are enthusiastic about the likeable Raphael
  • The two have now been together for a year

Shortly after her comeback, Sophia Thiel was still behind the mountain: In her very first live stream on Instagram in mid-February, in which she answered a lot of questions from fans and enjoyed her dinner, she avoided an important question. At the time, she didn’t want to reveal whether she had a boyfriend. She kept her relationship status private.

But the fact that the influencer’s almost two-year break from broadcasting not only ensured that the 25-year-old found her way back to herself, but also a new man at her side, fans have been speculating about for a long time. And now Thiel has finally decided to take the next step – and to show her new love to the public.

Sophia Thiel reveals her great secret and shows us her great love

In a new video on YouTube, Sophia Thiel presented her boyfriend on Sunday (March 7th): Raphael Birchner (24) is a YouTube fitness influencer himself and the two have actually known each other for a long time, since 2015. But it really sparked between them, Sophia Thiel explains in the video, in December 2019.

Birchner had contacted her a month earlier with a WhatsApp message, after which they met in Sophia Thiel’s favorite café in Munich. “I was really excited,” explains Thiel in the video. And so the two got closer and closer.

Sophia Thiel: Friend Raphael was a fan of hers himself

Thiel’s friend Raphael Birchner explains himself in the video that he was a fan of the influencer. “Accordingly, I never expected that she would hit me.” Now the two have been a couple for a year and moved into a shared apartment in Munich in the middle of last year. And seem to enjoy life and their togetherness – despite Corona – to the fullest.

And the audience also react clearly when they see Raphael Birchner for the first time. There is a lot of enthusiasm in the comments: “My goodness, how personable he is! You go super well together ”to“ You look great together ”. And indeed: We have probably never seen Sophia Thiel happier. (mg)

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Sophia Thiel shows boyfriend time break


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