Spahn: “I can only ask for patience”: vaccinations in all doctor’s practices only at the end of April – domestic policy


Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (40, CDU) assumes that at the end of April / beginning of May 80,000 to 100,000 medical practices could administer coronavirus vaccinations.

After Easter, family doctors will begin to be involved in the vaccination campaign, said Spahn on Saturday at an online discussion event organized by the federal government, where citizens could ask questions.

General practitioners are currently only vaccinating in model projects. According to Spahn, up to 50,000 practices will initially be involved in the planned expansion to include general practitioners. However, only 20 vaccine doses per week and practice can be expected. These should be vaccinated as soon as possible. If necessary, it is better to deviate from the vaccination sequence before the doses are not vaccinated, says Spahn. Corresponding action is the responsibility of general practitioners.

► Company doctors should only come after the general practitioners, said Spahn. “I can only ask for your patience. It’s still too short, ”he said of the vaccine available. He finds it difficult to vaccinate younger company employees as long as the older ones are not yet protected.

► In addition to the practices, the vaccination centers would also continue to be needed, said Spahn. “Both are justified.” While general practitioners can offer vaccination consultations for their patients, vaccination centers are well suited to vaccinating certain professional groups on a large scale.

“That can be very, very difficult again”

The Berlin doctor Hans-Joachim Hindenburg complained of excessive bureaucracy in vaccination. “I have to provide four signatures for each patient,” he reported. Anna Wessel, also a doctor from Berlin, said: “We invite patients, and three days later they get an invitation from the vaccination centers.” That creates confusion. Spahn replied: “We will not be able to resolve that.” Because there is no central vaccination file in Germany.

Spahn: “A first and a second vaccination is enough!” Anyone who also receives a vaccination invitation should say: “I’ve already been vaccinated, I don’t need to do it again!”

RKI President Lothar Wieler (60)Photo: EPA

► Lothar Wieler (60), head of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) pointed out: “If we had an electronic patient file, we could evaluate it in a network. But we don’t! We see this in many areas of the pandemic. If we had this networked healthcare system, a lot would be easier. We are unable to provide information on many things because we do not have the interfaces. ”

Spahn referred to the “digital vaccination pass”, which is supposed to replace the yellow vaccination pass booklet in which vaccinations have been entered up to now. This should start from January 1, 2022, said Spahn. And warned against wanting to force an earlier introduction.

“If you prefer that, that would be Berlin Airport!” Said Spahn, referring to the long delay in the construction of BER. One should not intervene in such processes that have been laid out for a long time.

Even the digital vaccination certificate will not yet provide the data that the RKI needs for its evaluation.

Spahn: Actually need another 10 or 14 days of lockdown

With regard to the infection process, Spahn said that the intensive care units are currently being filled with Covid 19 patients. But there are fewer older people among them. “You can see that vaccination works.” Nevertheless, more weeks have to be bridged. “It can be very, very difficult again, far beyond the load limit, if we don’t break this wave,” he warned.

And further: “We actually need another 10 or 14 days to shut down our mobility – lockdown, if you will.”

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