Spotify could push Apple off the podcast thorn in 2021


                                        Are Spotify's investments in podcasts finally paying off?  According to a forecast, the Swedish streaming service could have more listeners than Apple Podcast in 2021.


p id=”speakable-summary”>Will Spotify soon take pole position in the podcast business? After the Swedish streaming service has repeatedly invested large sums in this area over the past few months, it now seems to be paying off – contrary to original assumptions. Because according to a forecast by eMarkter, Spotify could overtake Apple in terms of podcast listeners in 2021 – and with the users, so too does sales, which can be generated, for example, through advertising income. In the current year, Spotify is expected to have a total of 28.2 million listeners. Apple Podcast is forecast to only use 28 million users.

Development of the podcast division at Apple and Spotify in comparison, © eMarketer

According to eMarketer, Spotify will be able to expand its lead in the podcast area over Apple Podcast in the coming years. According to the analyzes, the tech group has already lost a considerable market share and fell from 34 percent in 2018 to 23.8 percent in 2020.

The growth of Spotify in the podcast area holds manifold potential for marketers. The Swedish streaming service already offers numerous advertising options for advertisers and brands. As the audience grows, Spotify will certainly expand its ad features even further.

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Spotify push Apple podcast thorn


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