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On Saturday, a cold front temporarily creates inconsistent and cooler conditions with strong winds. But that will change soon.

On Saturday, the cold front of a Scandinavian low crossed Austria and temporarily caused bad weather. Behind it, however, the high Nicole prevails on Sunday, which brings sunny and very mild spring weather at least until Maundy Thursday. In the middle of the week, the 25-City-Marche cracked.

The forecast in detail

Am Saturday In Vorarlberg and the North Tyrolean Limestone Alps, there are a few showers early in the morning, the snowfall line sinks around 1000 m. The showers spread to Salzburg and Upper Austria by noon.

In the east and south the sun still shines from time to time, in the afternoon you have to reckon with at least a few rain showers.

When the wind is lively and strongly refreshing on the eastern edge of the Alps and turning from south to west, the maximum values ​​are between 6 degrees in Ausserfern and 18 degrees in southern Styria.

Spring weather ahead

Of the Sunday starts dry on the north side of the Alps, from Carinthia to southern Burgenland but still with light rain in places and above about 1000 meters with little snowfall. From midday it dries off here too, but the sun only shows up occasionally.

It gets friendliest from Vorarlberg to Upper Austria. The wind blows moderately, in the east also lively from west to northwest. Temperatures reach a maximum of 9 to 18 degrees.

From Monday Quiet and very mild spring weather prevails for a few days.

You can find the detailed weather forecast for over 50,000 locations worldwide at wetter.heute.at

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Spring weather cracks degrees Easter weather


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