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Home Business Spuhler on his successor: “The next shot has to be right”

Spuhler on his successor: “The next shot has to be right”


“Joe Biden wants to put $ 1.9 trillion into the infrastructure. An unbelievable number! », Said Spuhler in the interview published online on Friday evening. According to Spuhler, new orders are also necessary – despite an order backlog of 16 to 17 billion Swiss francs. “The order backlog looks bigger than it is,” said the Stadler Rail Chairman and CEO.

A quarter is maintenance and service. Some of these contracts ran for 30 years. In addition, in the industry, from the moment an order is signed, it certainly takes one to one and a half years to start production. “If we were to have less than two annual sales in the order backlog, it would be very critical,” says Spuhler. “This year one or the other larger order has to come in so that we can also have good capacity utilization in 2024 and 2025.”

Published: 03/26/2021, 7:54 p.m.

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