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Because of the pandemic, many companies and restaurants have closed, and rigorous visit restrictions must also be adhered to in the hospitals and old people’s homes, at the same time there is a lot of activity on the market square and the sun deck, without the distance rules being observed, stressed Anzengruber in a broadcast on Friday.

On Saturday, however, Mayor Willi rowed back. Anzengruber is responsible for health in the city, “that he takes care of it is also good,” said Willi. “There will only be parking bans if I sign these things,” said the green mayor to ORF Tirol.

Experience would speak against bans

The promenades along the Inn in Innsbruck were already closed last spring – more on this in CoV: Innsbruck closes promenades. But these locks were mistakes. “It is my responsibility to issue a ban. Given the current situation and the experience from last March, I see no reason to be blocked, ”said Willi.


For Georg Willi, parking bans are currently out of the question

It doesn’t make sense to be so tough. Then the meetings would be relocated to other places or to the private sector. “I prefer people to meet outdoors,” says Willi. The risk of infection is also less high there. However, he is aware that the people on the market square or on the banks of the Inn have to be made aware of compliance with the Corona rules. Police checks and signs are intended to contribute to compliance with the rules in the future.

Anzengruber: “Citizens are provoked”

“Visitors sit shoulder to shoulder on site on the ground or on the Innufer wall. With all understanding for the Corona fatigue, that is irresponsible, “said the Innsbruck Vice Mayor. In addition, this behavior would provoke many citizens who strictly adhere to all rules and requirements for fighting pandemics.

Johannes Anzengruber


Johannes Anzengruber announces stricter controls

The city will now put up signs and banners to clearly indicate the distance rules. If the situation does not improve immediately, these places would have to be closed in the next few days, Anzengruber said, even before Innsbruck’s mayor spoke out clearly against these closures.

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