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A candidate plays undercover.

On Saturday (March 27th) the next round of “Stadt Land BILD” will start again – and one thing is already clear: it will be colorful with these stars.

There is again puzzles, gossip and laughter. This time, the moderator Thomas Wagner (49) will put these stars to the test with the reissued old classic game:

► Jana Pallaske (41, “Inglourious Basterds” actress, model and guru)
▶ ︎ Gitta Saxx (56, playmate of the century, was dependent on a guru for years)

▶︎ Yared Dibaba (51, Moderator)

The special thing about this round: Where exactly Jana Pallaske is connected remains a secret. Why? You will find out on Saturday.

The three have to work their way up to victory in several categories. When it comes to finding me sexy, travel destination, good against boredom and showbiz-NoGo, who’s the head smokes most and who’s a real game fox will show up.

WHEN can you see the fun game “Stadt Land BILD”?

This Saturday, March 27, at 8:15 p.m. at BILD.de and then in the BILD media library.

PS: YOU can play along as always – just open „Download“ click, print out the “Stadt Land BILD” plan and compete against the celebrities on Saturday.

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Stadt Land BILD celebrities playing undercover People


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