Stalker wanted to kill Kendall Jenner


Kim Kardashian’s little sister fears for her life. A man who is about to be released from the mental hospital is believed to have planned an attempted murder on Kendall Jenner.

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As a member of the famous Kardashian-Jenner family and a successful top model, Kendall Jenner has millions of fans. But not all mean well with her. It wasn’t until Sunday that the 25-year-old had to cope with quite a shock: As the US portal “TMZ” reports, a man had gained access to the model’s property in the middle of the night.

After pounding loudly on the door, he exposed himself and jumped into the pool. Security guards were finally able to locate and hold him until the police arrived and arrested him. The 25-year-old is said to have been at home at this time.

Injunction against stalkers

Not the only incident with a stalker Kendall is currently dealing with. According to a police report reported by “TMZ”, Kim Kardashian’s sister has just obtained an injunction against a 24-year-old. The reason: He is said to have planned an assassination attempt on the model.

The records indicate that a Los Angeles police detective informed Kendall Jenner of the man’s alleged plan. Accordingly, he had traveled across the country to first shoot her and then himself. After he became suspicious, he was admitted to the psychiatric department of a hospital. However, he could soon be released again.

Out of fear, Kendall Jenner filed for a court order prohibiting the man from approaching her more than 100 meters. In addition, the model is said to have commissioned a large team of armed security personnel who are now guarding the property.

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Stalker wanted kill Kendall Jenner


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