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The early access is done: Village romance, about which PCGH has reported several times in the last few weeks, is available on Steam and GoG, among others – and that for a (very) small price until next week.

Village romance: High approval

Laying cards in a relaxed manner, after a round on the battlefield or in the dungeon, that is the idea behind village romance, which undoubtedly comes from Germany due to the distinctive game title. And you can already say that Early Access was a success. In the Steam top sellers in Germany, Dorfromantik is currently number 1, ahead of The Bus and It takes Two. The great success is also evident in the approval of the buyers: On Steam, over 300 buyers currently rate 98 percent, on GoG it is enough for a 4.7 out of 5, which is hardly worse. The user comments praise the simple, but nevertheless challenging game principle, which invites you to play again. Comparisons with the board game Carcassonne are loud. The slim price of currently not even 8 euros speaks in favor of the game – there is little you can do wrong, even with an early access title.

For the early access release of Dorfromantik there are three playable biomes and ten unlockable cards. While the core mechanics are complete, the developers at Toukana Games want to add complexity and variety. Furthermore, they are planning a creative mode, more biomes, unlockable cards and more supported languages. As a deterrent to false expectations, the developer also makes it clear what you DO NOT get with village romance: 4X strategy, trade & resource management, combat systems and multiplayer.

If you want to buy village romance, you have another option: together with our partner Gamesplanet, we have ensured that village romance can currently be dusted off as a bonus for the 1-year digital subscription from PCGH. All information can be found in the linked article.

1-year digital subscription from PCGH with game bonus village romance 44,99 Euro

Background: village romance

Village romance was created as a project by a team of four game design students and focuses on peaceful building strategies with a puzzle. Players start with a pile of random landscape tiles in hexagonal format. You draw the top card and place it on an empty space. Then they gradually place the remaining cards, which can be rotated and which accommodate different objects. Depending on how well the cards fit together (forest to forest, field to field, house to house, etc.), players receive a certain number of points. Some tiles have special objects such as windmills or a locomotive that grant bonus points if players place them according to their needs (for example the windmill surrounded by six grain fields).

The demands on the PC are extremely low. A PC from 10-15 years ago is minimal, even the recommendation sounds like a retro (mobile) PC: A dual-core CPU with 2 GHz, 4 GiB RAM, 300 MB of storage space and a Geforce GT540M, Mobility Radeon HD 5650 or Intel HD 510 are mentioned – almost only Windows 10 “disturbs” the picture.

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[PLUS]  Instructions: Pimp every PC game graphically

[PLUS] Instructions: Pimp every PC game graphically

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