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Augmented Reality, i.e. the mixing of reality and virtual space, should achieve the breakthrough. And now the two heavyweights Telekom and Vodafone are each offering the Nreal Light, which should make that possible. But the prices are steep and the added value is not yet entirely clear.

Oppo Find X3 powers Nreal Light

Nreal supplies the glasses for the AR experience. A Chinese company that specializes in this technique. But the Nreal Light cannot do anything on its own. That is why it needs a smartphone for control, energy supply and computing power. And that’s what Oppo delivers. The up-and-coming manufacturer is putting the new top model Find X3 Pro in the Vodafone bundle. The flagship from the Far East is only just starting on the market and so you are up to date when it comes to the cell phone in a package.

Vodafone with tariff bundle

At Vodafone there is a real tariff bundle as a special offer to start: Vodafone will be offering Nreal glasses and smartphones with a Red M mobile phone contract and a monthly additional hardware payment of 50 euros for 1 euros until March 31. This increases the monthly basic price to a whopping 100 euros. From April 1st, the bundle will be a little more demanding. Because then the standard one-off payment comes into play. Then 399.90 euros have to be shelled out during the ordering process.

It gets more expensive even with a higher tariff. The Red L costs 109 euros per month in this bundle. The one-time payment remains at 1 euro. If you only want to buy the hardware without a contract, you pay 1,799.90 euros for glasses and smartphones.

If that is not expensive enough for you, you can also buy the devices individually from Telekom. The Nreal Light is available for 799 euros. The OPPO Find X3 Pro costs 1,149 euros. Together they make a total of 1,949 euros. We’ll show you what the two devices can do together with a special application: while cooking.

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Vodafone shows AR for the crowd: a cook, glasses and a black bar

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