Statement der Hygiene Austria LP GmbH


Vienna (OTS) Yesterday, a house search by the public prosecutor took place at two locations. The management of Hygiene Austria LP GmbH, which is headquartered at one of the addresses, is extensively cooperative and is committed to the rapid clarification of suspicious facts raised by the authorities.

The WKStA based your suspicions essentially on the facts of “illegal work” and “fraud”. Both allegations must be clearly rejected.

Regarding the accusation of “illegal work”: Professional Austrian personnel service companies have been commissioned by Hygiene Austria to provide workers. It is therefore fundamentally their responsibility to ensure that registration is lawful and proper.

Regarding the charge of “fraud”: Hygiene Austria works on the basis of Austrian laws and only sells high-quality masks according to red-white-red quality standards. It is correct that a contract manufacturer was brought in to compensate for a peak in demand.

1. When the introduction of an FFP2 mask requirement was announced, Hygiene Austria immediately started increasing production capacities. 11 new production lines are in operation by mid-March with a monthly capacity of up to 25 million pieces. This corresponds to a tripling of the capacity within three months.

2. There are now 200 employees working in 3 shifts around the clock to protect the Austrian population.

3. In order to cope with the increase in demand in the meantime, a Chinese contract manufacturer was commissioned with the production of masks based on the Hygiene Austria model.

4. The CE certification according to EN149: 2001 was perfectly ensured by the Swiss company SGS. The reports for the masks are available and will be made available to the public prosecutor’s office.

5. The masks in contract production were 60-100% MORE EXPENSIVE in purchasing than those in the Austrian production line!

6. We very much regret the uncertainty caused by the media coverage, but would like to expressly point out that we have made available more expensive masks, of the same quality and at the same retail price to protect the population, to cover the top.

Inquiries & contact:

Hygiene Austria LP GmbH

Ares Tower
Donau-City-Strasse 11
1220 Wien

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Statement der Hygiene Austria GmbH


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