Stepping after controversial finish sour


6:47 pm

Verstappen sauer

The Dutchman is annoyed that he had to let Hamilton pass again. “Why didn’t you let me drive? I would have easily got the five seconds out,” he radioed his team. What is meant is a possible penalty for overtaking outside the track. Of course we will never know whether he would have really made it …

6:44 pm

No German points

Vettel finished the race on P15, Schumacher one place behind. These are effectively the last two places, because in the end only 16 cars crossed the finish line. Points for Tsunoda on debut on P9. A small consolation for AlphaTauri.

6:40 p.m.

Hamilton wins!

The Dutchman can’t get past, Hamilton wins the thing by 0.7 seconds! Bottas finished third and snatched the fastest lap on new tires and thus the bonus point. Here in the ticker the votes for the race continue.

6:37 pm

Last round!

Hamilton goes into the final lap as the leader, but this thing isn’t through yet. Will Verstappen try again? Excitement until the end today!

6:36 pm

Rate driver now!

This year, of course, you will again have the opportunity to rate the drivers for their performance over the weekend.

Vote here!

6:34 pm

Change of leadership!

Now it has happened, Verstappen is passing! However, the Dutchman has to give up his position because he left the track in the process. What a drama!

6:32 pm

Punish Vettel

The German gets a ten-second time penalty. In the front is Verstappen in the Hamilton DRS window!

6:27 pm

Reason for failure at Alonso …

… by the way, there were debris in the brake shaft. Because of this, the brake overheated. In the front, Verstappen came within 2.4 seconds of Hamilton. The world champion will probably go through, it is now too late for another stop.

6:25 pm


An investigation is now underway against Vettel. Could be the next penalty points for him today …

6:21 pm

Dreher Vettel

That was it for good with the hope for points. Ocon and Vettel touched and turned in turn 1. The front wing on the Aston Martin is damaged. Vettel rushed into the rear of the Frenchman.

6:17 pm

Verstappen flies

1: 33.2 for him. That is the fastest lap, so he takes more than a second off Hamilton in one lap. If he can keep up the pace, he’ll catch up with the Mercedes pretty quickly. 14 laps left. Long laps for Hamilton …

6:13 pm

Perez never …

The Mexican comes back and switches to medium tires one last time. He falls back to P8. Now Verstappen comes along and switches to Hard. Hamilton is leading again. Now it’s the hot phase!

6:10 p.m.

The big question is …

… who can drive through now. Verstappen has to come again, that is clear. The three drivers behind could theoretically drive through – if the tires stop. Hamilton is warned to observe the track limits in turn 4. “I thought there were no track limits,” he wonders. That was actually the announcement that violations should only be sanctioned in qualifying. Now it is apparently too colorful for Masi and Co.

6:04 pm

Alonso turns off

The comeback of the Spaniards is over. The rear brakes got too hot, he has to park the Alpine. Team-mate Ocon is currently in P15, but has already been there twice. Doesn’t look like a good result for the French here.

6:00 p.m.

Problem with Bottas stop

The Finn comes, but stands for more than ten seconds because there is a problem in the front right. Now he can get out of the traffic again. Of course, that shouldn’t happen. He also switched to Hard again.

5:57 pm

Hamilton stops

The world champion comes in for the second time and switches to hard tires again. It will probably drive through now. Verstappen and Bottas stay outside. Now it will be exciting, the race victory could be decided in this phase.

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Stepping controversial finish sour


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