Stern TV: “Goodbye Germany” emigrant tells how friend became a murderer


    "Goodbye Germany" emigrant Julia wanted to start a new life abroad with her boyfriend.  But it has a dark past.</p><div>
    <p><span>Julia Siefert-Winter (28) started her personal adventure in April 2018 full of anticipation: Together with her boyfriend at the time Sven Hildebrandt (49), she emigrated to Sweden and wanted to build a new life in the idyllic Lapland.  The fact that Sven was almost twice her age and she had barely known him for a year did not prevent the young woman from moving into the vastness of nature with him.</span></p><h2>"Goodbye Germany" accompanied Julia and Sven when they emigrated</h2><p><span>In the beginning, both were even accompanied by the "Goodbye Germany" team.  On the recordings you can see her standing in front of her red-brown wooden house in the snow.  Both explain in love how much they look forward to their future.  But after just a few months, Julia had to admit that Sven is anything but a dream man!  A year earlier, he is said to have killed his mother.  He denies the act.</span></p></div><div>

                 <p><span>Julia's father had taken care of the sudden awakening.  His daughter's new friend seemed strange to him, as he tells in the new documentary "STERN CRIME: Der Alptraummann" on TVNOW.  Worried, he begins to research and delves deeper and deeper into the criminal history of his potential son-in-law - until he has enough information to tell his daughter about it and possibly protect her from him.</span></p><h2>Sven is said to have killed his mother</h2><p><span>In fact, Sven allegedly murdered his mother with a poker in September 2017.  Apparently there had been arguments because she didn't want to give him any more money.  He had therefore set the corpse in concrete in a large balcony box.  In June 2019, Sven was sentenced to 13 years in prison for manslaughter by the Göttingen regional court and has to go to prison.  Nevertheless, he denies the act to this day and blames his father, who suffers from dementia, for the violent death of his mother.</span>

Julia had no inkling of any of this when she met Sven. Also not about the fact that at times he had two wives at the same time, who now have their say in the documentary, as well as his two children, whom he had also kept from Julia. He also concealed from Julia that he had already had several previous convictions for various frauds: According to “”, after graduating from high school, he had studied law for a few years, but had no qualifications. Since then it has been on his parents’ pocket. Because he was a millionaire and worked as a lecturer on the side. Sven also made himself a few years younger, pretending to Julia that he was only 40.

Without knowing it, Julia herself came into contact with the crime shortly after the crime. During a visit to her partner’s parents’ house in Herzberg am Harz, she discovered traces of blood on the sofa. But Sven had turned the gun off and told her that the blood came from a fall of his demented father. How Julia was able to free herself from this swamp can now be seen in the four-part documentary series.

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Stern Goodbye Germany emigrant tells friend murderer


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