Storm situation in Germany: how severe is it?


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Something is happening in the weather kitchen! Current models calculate a storm or even a hurricane for next week that could affect all of Germany. We’ll keep you up to date here.

After the weather was pretty calm in the past few weeks, there is currently movement in the models again. Since Thursday, some weather models have been calculating a storm or even a hurricane system next week in Germany. But how severe it will be and which regions will be affected depends on several factors. According to the current status, the advance warning of a severe storm or even a hurricane affects all of Germany.

You can find out all the details about the weather trend for the next seven days in the video at the beginning of the article.

Several storm lows affect the weather in Germany

According to the current model situation (05.03.2021), several storm lows are announced for next week, which are drifting towards Germany. On Sunday and Monday you can already feel the strong wind on the Baltic Sea coast, otherwise it remains relatively calm for the time being.

On Wednesday it starts in the west with strong gusts of wind, sometimes heavy gusts of wind can also be there.

The storm is expected to peak on Thursday

According to the current status, the peak of the storm situation is expected on Thursday, but it can still be very stormy on Friday. It will be milder again, especially in southern Germany. At the moment there are still great uncertainties about how intense it will actually be. After all, there are still a few days left until then. Two variants are possible:

  • In a variant that would be a bit more relaxed, we would have to deal with heavy squalls, especially in the very south, on the coasts and in a strip in the middle of Germany. Even with this ‘relaxed’ variant, however, trees could already topple over.
  • But a very dangerous variant is also possible. Several models also calculate hurricane gusts down to the plains in large parts of Germany.

Of course, we will keep you up to date on a daily basis about which regions will be affected and how severe the storm situation in Germany will be on Thursday and Friday. For this reason, you should regularly check the rain radar and severe weather warnings for your region.

Incidentally, from which wind strength and which damage can be caused, we show you in the video:

The weather at the weekend: Frosty but relaxed

At the moment our weather is still characterized by high pressure and it is relatively calm. For the weekend, the March winter only dares one more try. Polar air reaches us and causes temperatures to drop. However, it will still be sunny in many regions. You can find out where slipperiness and snow are an issue in the current 3-day forecast:

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