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Anyone entering the southern neighboring country needs a negative test and has to be quarantined for five days.

Traveling to Italy over Easter has not been a particularly good idea. Because in Italy museums, restaurants, bars and shops will be closed again over Easter. To make matters worse, there is also the requirement to be in quarantine for five days immediately after entering the country. This is what the Italian media reported today.

But there are also difficulties when returning to Switzerland. Because Switzerland also requires travelers from numerous regions of Italy to be quarantined, not just for five, but even ten days. Specifically, that would mean: a total of 15 quarantine days would be due on an Easter weekend in Florence.

In other words: there are unlikely to be any tourists traveling back and forth between Switzerland and Italy over the holidays.

Even now it won’t work without cross-border commuters

And yet things will not simply remain quiet on the Swiss-Italian border. Because such restrictions do not apply, at least so far, to the Frontalieri, i.e. to the tens of thousands of cross-border commuters who commute to work and back in Switzerland every day from Lombardy or Piedmont. You can probably continue to do this, even without quarantine. Because without them, the Ticino health system would hardly function any longer.


In Mallorca the rules are more relaxed, hotels and bars are open. That also attracted the Italians. Now there are new rules.


The fact that Italy wants to tighten the screw with the quarantine obligation for travelers has nothing to do with Switzerland, but with Mallorca. Like the Germans, the Italians noticed that you could quickly jet to the Balearic Islands over Easter. Because there, due to the currently lower number of cases, you can have fun and do things that are forbidden in Italy. Which immediately, like in Germany, caused an outcry in the local tourism industry, whose restaurants, bars or beach facilities have to remain closed. The quarantine should now prevent this.

Italy is currently fighting the third wave. Every day between 300 and 500 people die here from the coronavirus. Hospital beds are again scarce in certain regions. A difficult situation in which the Italian government wants to stop Easter tourism as completely as possible.

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Stricter corona measures Italy imposes quarantine entry News


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