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In addition to the trade, the so-called body-hugging service providers such as hairdressers will also be closed from Maundy Thursday (April 1st) to the Tuesday after Easter (April 6th). From April 7th, there will be an access test not only for body-hugging service providers, but also for retailers. In the case of access restrictions over Easter, there will be the exceptions known from the earlier lockdowns, such as driving to work, walking or doing individual sports, looking after people in need of support and averting dangers. After a long struggle, this was announced by the three governors Johanna Mikl-Leitner (ÖVP), Michael Ludwig and Hans Peter Doskozil (both SPÖ) and Health Minister Rudolf Anschober (Greens) in a joint press conference on Wednesday evening.

Doskozil: appeal to the population to participate

Doskozil mentioned that the provincial governors had exchanged ideas intensively with experts. Here the opinions were “quite different as far as the range of measures is concerned”. “But the initial situation is clear and precise.” There are major problems in the intensive care units in the eastern region, said Doskozil. “We run the risk that the intensive care beds will run out.” He also emphasized the good cross-party cooperation over the past few days. “That will be very important in the next few weeks – to demonstrate and show this unity.”

The provincial governors did not rule out whether there could be further tightenings later if the ones presented on Wednesday do not work well enough. “We are very clear and aware that we have to map a social spectrum. There are the interests of the landlords, the labor market – the health of the population has the greatest interest. In this situation, decisions have to be made. Should the situation develop otherwise, nothing can be ruled out. The virus has shown that this is unpredictable. Hence the appeal to the population to participate. We can only do this together. Nothing can be ruled out, ”said Doskozil at the press conference on Wednesday evening.

Companies: FFP2 mask, coronavirus test, home office

Coronavirus tests should also be carried out once a week in the companies. As an alternative, the home office is to be further intensified. The obligation to wear an FFP2 mask will be expanded and will generally also apply in closed rooms in the future if you are not alone.

Distance Learning, dann PCR-Tests

In the week after Easter, there will be distance learning again in schools. Afterwards, pupils and teachers should only be able to return to the classes with a PCR test.

Commuters: test twice a week

The entry regulations in Eastern Austria are also tightened. Commuters should have to show a negative Covid test twice a week and not just once as is currently the case. At the borders, especially with the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, more controls are to be carried out.

Museums in the Eastern Region close between April 1st and April 6th

In parallel to the trade, museums and exhibition halls in the eastern region will have to close between April 1st and April 6th. This was confirmed by the State Secretariat for Arts and Culture on Wednesday evening at the request of the APA.

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