Strong earthquake shakes central and northern Greece


Updated March 4, 2021, 11:58 a.m.

  • Greece was hit by a major earthquake on Wednesday.
  • Eleven people were injured and around a hundred buildings were damaged.
  • Aftershocks have to be expected in the next few weeks.

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A strong earthquake shook all of northern Greece on Wednesday. Thousands of residents ran onto the streets, as reported by state television (ERT) and news portals in the affected regions.

According to the geodynamic institute of Athens, the earthquake had a strength of 6. The US earthquake observatory (USGS) even measured a strength of 6.3. The center of the quake was about ten kilometers below the earth’s surface in the region of the small town of Tyrnavos. The tremor was felt across mainland Greece, including Athens. There were numerous aftershocks.

The police and fire brigade confirmed on Wednesday evening that there were no fatalities.

Eleven injured had to be taken care of

According to the rescue workers, one seriously injured and ten slightly injured had to be cared for. A 55-year-old man had to be treated in Larissa for head injuries in the hospital after he was hit by stones or bricks, as a hospital employee reported.

According to Governor Kostas Agorastos, around a hundred buildings were damaged in the Thessaly region. Chrissoula Katsiouli from Elassona near Larissa told the AFP news agency: “Everything happened very quickly, people ran out of the buildings”.

Many people spent the night on Thursday in tents, hotels and with friends. Many were in shock and had to freeze at night, Agorastos told the Greek newspaper “To Proto Thema”.

Schools are temporarily closed

The military had set up hundreds of makeshift tents, and there were strong aftershocks that night, one of which reached a magnitude of 5.7. Further aftershocks must be expected for the next few weeks, said a seismologist for the daily newspaper “Kathimerini”.

In many places in the affected region, schools were closed on Thursday; One school in Damasi has to be completely rebuilt, two other schools are said to have “serious problems” with the buildings. The evaluation of damaged buildings is to begin on Thursday under the direction of the Ministry of Infrastructure.

Greece lies on several fault lines, so that earthquakes in the Mediterranean country are not uncommon. Since the quakes often occur in the sea, there are seldom deaths or major damage. (dpa / AFP / lh)

At the request of the federal government, scientists from the Geo Research Center in Potsdam developed an earthquake scenario near the city of Cologne. What would happen if the earth were violently shaken there? (Photo: iStock-Petrovich9)

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Strong earthquake shakes central northern Greece


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